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Our purpose is to expose and measure the in-demand skills to thrive in today’s economy.

Credibly assess competency-based learning and workplace readiness

Identify and develop talent for specific competencies

Take responsibility for their own job readiness and demonstrate what they can do

Our mission is to broaden opportunity, close skill gaps, and reduce organizational risk. 


Only the Competent Thrive.

Industry leaders are looking for people who can communicate, creatively solve problems, and adapt to change.

Breakthrough organizations are those best able to identify, cultivate, and optimize talent.

Because untapped competency wastes human potential, restricts growth, and introduces risk. 


of business leaders strongly agree graduating students have the skills and competencies that their businesses need.

Source: Gallup

But how do you know if they have the right skills? 

Multiple choice tests won’t tell you. Personality tests
reveal suitability, but not competency.

Job Ready. Not Test Ready.

We don’t need to know how people test. 
We need to know what people can do—efficiently
and accurately—to fulfill our missions, grow our
businesses, and adapt to change. 


A New Economy

Our competitive, information-based economy requires employees who can think creatively, use evidence to support their solutions to complex problems, and communicate clearly in a variety of contexts. 

To understand if candidates or employees can do the work required, we need to see how they tackle complex, open-ended problems like those they will encounter on the job.

Using sophisticated machine learning and data analytics,  Authess delivers this capability. 

Our Technology

Machine Learning for Measuring Competency


Our technology puts people in real-world scenarios and then learns from what they do.

Delivers authentic, problem-based assessments efficiently, at scale, and designed for integration


Tracks a diverse set of signals from direct and indirect inputs to observe and measure competency, and adapt to interactions real-time


Analyzes user patterns & decisions against reference data ranging from novice to expert using machine learning & data analytics


Reveals insights and learning pathways with clear, actionable reports to inform data-driven decisions

Our architecture is scalable, cloud-hosted, responsive, interoperable, and secure.


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